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Stress in the Workplace















High levels of anxiety and depression in the workforce have led to a sharp increase in cases of stress. In this course, Emma uses her knowledge and experience of stress to break down the barriers around this important (and lifesaving) topic showing you how to recognise and begin to deal with employee stress.

There are many myths about how stress affects staff and what obligations employers have to manage stress in the workplace. Often you can be receiving conflicting messages from HR, Occupational Health and H&S teams as to how best to manage individual cases.

This course is suitable for any member of your team – whether senior management, management or employee. It aims to bring clarity to the subject and give you strategies for removing the stigma that can stop early discussions between colleagues and managers.


This course will cover:


  • What legislation covers stress in the workplace

  • The difference between work related pressure and work related stress

  • Practical examples of stress in the workplace

  • Practical examples of how to deal with stress in the workplace

  • Practical examples of how to avoid stress in your workplace

  • Practical examples of how to educate your teams to avoid future stress in your workplace

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See the bellow's testimonials to find out what delegates from Housing Associations in Scotland think of this course.

“Emma's enthusiasm and many new facts about our body and mind.”


“The trainers extensive knowledge and understanding & sharing/hearing experiences with others.”


“Definition of stress; that it's not an illness (but can make you ill); stress analogy using lion and gazelle very effective - easy to remember; how adrenalin affects the body - very interesting indeed.”


"More training courses like this! :)"

Stress in the Workplace (1).png

This course covers what stress is, why we need stress responses, why do all staff need to be aware of the effects of stress and more!

Date and time

Several dates available


Online or face-to-face at your premises

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