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The ACS philosophy is to provide the best training solution for every situation to ensure workplaces can become safer, healthier and more environmentally sympathetic. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of elearning courses which can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection.


Certification: All courses require a demonstration of competence to progress between sections and successful completion generates a formal Certificate of Training.

ACS also provide face-to-face courses, seminars and workshops (accredited and bespoke) delivered at the ACS Training Facility or at clients’ premises. Please contact us for details on these services.

Asbestos Management
Small Meeting

ACS promotes the concept of ‘blended learning’, which allows employers to identify a range of training solutions to ensure adequate and appropriate training is provided throughout the workforce. To this end, ACS has established an eLearning Academy, offering a range of on-line training courses in Asbestos and Health & Safety related topics. To see our current range of eLearning courses please click here.

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