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Expert Witness and Legal Disputes


Asbestos Legal Cases

ACS CEO Prof Roger Willey is a prominent figure in the field of asbestos related illness and death legal cases, where he provides Expert Witness Opinion. To date Roger has completed in excess of 500 cases. This has included cases in the Court of Session in Edinburgh, the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland and the Supreme Court of Victoria in Australia as well as acting as Court Appointed Joint Expert in the High Court in London.

Legal Disputes

Drawing on over 4 decades of experience at the forefront of asbestos related research, consultancy, training and expert witness work, ACS is well placed to provide assistance, support and advice on any asbestos related dispute.

Employee Relations

It is recognised that the very term ‘asbestos’ can bring an emotive response and it is not uncommon for employees to be concerned where asbestos is uncovered in buildings. However, there is now strong medical-scientific information available relating to dose-response relationships and this knowledge can be used to assess the ‘real’ risks as opposed to the commonly believed ‘perceived’ risks. In the event of any employee uncertainty or concern, ACS is able to work with your employees to properly explain the risk and quell fears.

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