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Fire Services

Fire Risk Assessment Duties and Duty Holders


Current fire safety legislation requires the concept of ‘risk assessment’ to be adopted whereby persons in control of premises (Duty Holders) must identify any risks to the safety of relevant persons and take appropriate safety measures to ensure the safety of those persons. This is in addition to the employer’s duty to ensure the safety of employees.

This duty to assess fire safety risks applies to both Employers (in respect of workplaces) and Landlords (in respect of non-domestic premises and the common areas of domestic premises).

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Tower Blocks 


In July 2009 a serious fire in a tower block known as Lakanal House in London resulted in 6 people dying. The Coroner’s Court expressed concern over the actions of the Landlord in this case, in particular over the lack of control over building works in ensuring compliance with fire safety. One example was the removal of asbestos materials and replacement with inferior products. In response, ACS established a partnership with a national commercial building surveying firm to allow the integration of structural appraisal into the Fire Risk Assessment of tower blocks, ensuring the important aspects of structural integrity are properly analysed.


ACS Fire Safety Services


  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Review

  • Tower Block Fire Safety Risk Assessment with Structural Appraisal

  • Fire Safety Management Systems (Policies and Procedures)

  • Audit of Fire Safety Arrangements

  • Fire Safety Awareness, Management and Warden Training

  • Fire Safety eLearning



Fire Safety and Warden Training


The Fire (Scotland) Regulations require employers to provide training for employees, giving them essential fire safety knowledge and information. These Regulations also allocate the responsibilities for fire safety to any person who has control of any extent of a workplace or business. This course provides all employees with an understanding of the importance of fire safety in the workplace, and outlines the key functions of Fire Marshals.


     Course Content 

  • Legislative framework

  • Legal duties of managers

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Fire Marshal

  • Fire Evacuation Strategy

  • Causes on fire /  Fire Triangle

  • Understanding  the Fire Risk Assessment


     More Information


  • All employees including fire marshals and managers should attend

  • Course lasts half a day

  • ACS Learning & Consultancy Certificate



PAS 79

The ACS Fire Risk Assessment methodologies are in accordance with the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS 79 Model. This model allows us to deliver a pragmatic, holistic and proportionate approach towards assessment of both fire prevention and fire protection measures, delivering a total fire risk management package.

To contact us for more information click here or, to view available training courses click here.

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