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Managing Menopause in the Workplace

















The word "Menopause" should not cause embarrassment and discomfort amongst managers in the workplace. On the contrary, staff should have access to the help and support they need.

Menopause transition symptoms can highly affect performance at work, and the right attitude and support from managers can play a significant role in women experiencing menopause. For that reason, it is important for everyone in the workplace to understand menopause and to promote a healthy and supportive working environment.


This course will include:

  • Background on Menopause physical, mental, and cognitive symptoms

  • How can Menopause affect your staff’s performance at work

  • How can Menopause affect your teams' performance at work

  • What legislation covers dealing with Menopause in the workplace

  • How to start a conversation about menopause in the workplace

  • Interactive discussions on actual workplace scenarios:

  1. how to deal with situations in the workplace;

  2. pitfalls to avoid in the workplace.


In this interactive course, the trainer uses a well-received "open discussion" approach by encouraging each individual to share their thoughts on best practices for menopause-related training in the workplace.

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See the bellow's testimonials to find out what delegates from Housing Associations in Scotland think of this course.


“Great information for enhancing existing wellbeing procedures that are in place. Good group input with additional ideas to consider.”


"Trainer's knowledge and experience delivered in a direct but positive way."

“I feel it was well presented and therefor encouraged everyone to take part and feel relaxed on a very difficult subject.”

"I enjoyed the suggestions given to support those going through perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. I enjoyed sharing and hearing personal experiences. I enjoyed the initial knowledge shared on menopause and the effects it can have on individuals."

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This course is suitable for both Managers and Staff.

Date and time

Several dates available



Online or face-to-face at your premises

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