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Fire Awareness and Warden Training















The Fire Awareness and Warden Training course provides an overview of common causes of fire, the dangers posed and the preventative actions nominated fire wardens should take to manage the risks associated with fire within their workplace.

The course aims to install fire wardens with both the necessary knowledge to carry out their role safely and the confidence to effectively assist their colleagues or members of the public in an emergency situation.


This course covers:

  • What is Fire?

  • How Fire Spreads and the Fire Triangle

  • Duties of Fire Wardens

  • Why Should We Take Action?

  • What to Do When a Fire Breaks Out

  • Familiarity with Fire Extinguishers

  • Identifying Hazards


Delegate numbers are limited to 15 people per course to maximise learning.

All of our courses can be delivered at your premises. For more information contact

See the bellow's testimonials to find out what delegates from Housing Associations in Scotland think of this course.

"I learned a lot of new relevant information about asbestos. The instructor was very engaging and he was incredibly knowledgeable about the subject."

"The full high level of information from start - to finish ie. from good fire management to the Fire Warden Role and all in between. Very Informative."

"Improving my knowledge. Considering it was online it held my attention which I think can be challenging for online courses."

This course is suitable for any employee who has been selected to carry out the duty of fire warden.

Date and time

Several dates available



Online or face-to-face at your premises

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