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Willey MA

Managing Director

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As Managing Director, Emma very much focuses on the strategic plan for the group and ensuring that the internal processes and procedures are followed in order to deliver the long term growth and sustainability of the Company.
Emma was born in Glasgow and holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Management from the University of St Andrews.  She has been involved with ACS since 1990.  Knowing that she would face extra scrutiny from the staff as the Managing Director’s daughter, she deliberately worked her way up through the ranks of ACS.  Firstly, through the administrative side and secondly through the Asbestos division.  She has held every role from Admin Assistant to Finance Manager to Company Secretary and from trainee Asbestos Technician to Quality Manager and Operations Manager.
After graduating, Emma realised that she would benefit from work and life experience away from Glasgow and took a sabbatical from ACS to travel the world on her own.  During this time of life experience, Emma's main work achievements were working in the receptions of busy stockbrokers and international shipping companies and then onto Marketing Assistant and Administration Manager for the Financial Review newspaper based in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.  Upon her return to the UK in 1998, Emma put her new found confidence and experience into practice by re-joining the Board of Directors of ACS and starting the expansion of the South & West branch of the Company.
From 2013 – 2016, Emma prioritised caring for her three infant children, however was still very much involved in the management of ACS.  Now that they are all in school, she has returned to ACS in her full capacity of Director and Company Secretary and brings her full range of life experiences to the Company.  Roger and Emma have worked together since 1999 and form an excellent leadership team.
As Emma has a husband, 3  children, 1 Afghan Hound and 1 Cocker Spaniel,  she does not have much spare time but still likes to garden, play the piano, run a complimentary therapy energy practice and is an active Parent Governor at her children's primary school.

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