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ACS introduces new CEO & Managing Director

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Our current MD, Prof Roger Willey, has been at the helm since 1978. It is his stated intention to ‘never stop work’ and our team are supporting him in this decision (frankly the thought of him rattling around the house each day, being bored, is not relished by the family!). At the same time, we want him to step up from the daily details of running a business and move into a place that plays to his strength of vision and draws upon his experience and wisdom.

With that in mind, ACS are delighted to announce that as of April 2023, Roger is being promoted to CEO of the ACS group of companies. He will have an oversight of all of the ACS work but will have special responsibility for the large scale Projects, particularly those in South America. Congratulations Roger! We look forward to you moving into your new role over the next few weeks.

ACS are very pleased to announce that Emma Willey will be taking the helm as Managing Director of the ACS group of companies. Emma will be the first female to hold the title of MD at ACS. She has over 30 years of experience within the Health, Safety and Wellbeing industry. With a degree from St Andrews University in Mathematics and Management, Emma started her career in ACS as an asbestos site technician and over 30 years has held every responsible role within the asbestos testing side of the business. She has extended her work into Health and Safety and Wellbeing, having delivered some prestigious speaking engagements.

Emma is a strong advocate for solid procedures and processes within the working environment that deal with the Welfare of staff as well as their physical health and safety. She is a very passionate speaker and practitioner of Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We hope you agree with us that these are well-deserved promotions. We are excited to have them take on the new challenges and are looking forward to seeing the continuing positive impact that they both have on ACS.

Some of you may be wondering what role our other founding Director, Martin Mitchell, is playing in these changes. Unfortunately, Martin has suffered from long covid since summer 2022. Whilst very much part of the ACS family, he is taking an extended break from work. Everyone wishes Martin good health and a straight road to recovery.

ACS is celebrating 45 years in the health and safety industry. Our research work continues to save around 200 lives per annum in the UK alone. Our Project Management work and site work save lives, plus tens of thousands of pounds, on a daily basis in the construction industry and related industries.

Here at ACS we are really proud of the work we do and the team of people that make up the ACS family.

As we look forward to the next 45 years, we will be sharing our new brand identity with a lot of changes and some exciting news over the next few months.

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