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Roger Willey,


Managing Asbestos Risks in your School

 This seminar outlines best practices for developing robust Asbestos Management Systems, including policy development, risk assessment, and effective control measures to minimize exposure risks.

28th November, The Merchants House of Glasgow

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Meet Roger

ACS Chief Executive Officer, Professor Roger Willey, has over 40 years of experience as the ACS Founding Director, and has recently been promoted to CEO.  As an esteemed Expert Witness in Asbestos issues, Roger will explain the health implications of asbestos exposure in schools. The seminar will present the current thoughts on distinguishing real risks from perceived risks, enabling a pragmatic approach to asbestos management.

Roger has over four decades of experience of asbestos research, consultancy and training, and has worked on a worldwide basis. As a recognised Expert Witness on Asbestos issues, Prof Roger Willey, has a reputation for being pragmatic in his approach to 'real risk vs perceived risk' in the asbestos industry. 

Roger and the ACS team have helped numerous organisations, including Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Private Schools, and Housing Associations to develop robust Asbestos Management Systems. Their expertise includes writing systems, assisting with implementation, staff training in their identified roles, and conducting asbestos surveys and measurements in client premises.

If you would like to find out more about this seminar or discuss our other asbestos courses suitable for your organisation, connect with Roger on LinkedIn or reach out to him at

About the Course

Concerned about asbestos in schools? Join our half-day seminar, 'Managing Asbestos Risks in Schools,' to gain crucial insights on differentiating real risk from perceived risk and understanding HSE regulations for asbestos management.

This course will include:


  • The seminar will address the importance of asbestos testing and surveys in schools, covering methodologies, result interpretation, and creating a safer learning environment. You will discover various asbestos mitigation strategies, such as encapsulation and removal, crucial for protecting students, staff, and the wider school community.

  • Effective community engagement and communication are essential aspects of asbestos management. The seminar will provide guidance on maintaining transparency and trust with parents and the community.

  • Learn to ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry best practices for asbestos management in schools, equipping you with the tools needed to maintain a safe and healthy school environment.

  • Real-life case studies and success stories from schools that have effectively managed asbestos risks will be shared, providing practical approaches to tackle asbestos challenges.

  • A dedicated Q&A session with our panel of experts ensures that specific concerns are addressed, allowing you to seek clarifications and further insights.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to invest in keeping your school environment and your business safe.

Due to popularity of the seminar, places are restricted. If you haven't registered yet, and would like to, please contact us at your earliest convenience for more information here

This course is delivered face-to-face at The Merchants House of Glasgow, Glasgow.

If you're interested in registering for the "Managing Asbestos Risks in Your School" seminar, click on the "Register Here" button below.

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What our Delegates Say about Roger

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"Professor Willey has a huge wealth of knowledge and understanding of all things related to H&S it was great that throughout the course he could impart some of his knowledge and experiences onto us. This helped bring the course to life while discussing the topics of our course he could use real life examples to further highlight and demonstrate the relevance of the subject."

"Roger's knowledge and experience on the subject coupled with enthusiastic delivery was superb."

"Roger's delivery style is very relaxed yet informative - the topics covered in the course are serious but yet he made it very conversational and open. His knowledge shone through in the Q&A session at the end. Very pleased with outcomes."

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