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Legionella Risk Management Services

In a poorly managed and maintained water system legionella bacteria can thrive.


Legionella risks can come from lots of different water systems, not just where water is used in a manufacturing or industrial process, meaning that any type of system where water is not adequately controlled is vulnerable.

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Legionella Risk Assessment Duties and Duty Holders


As the Duty Holder there are a number of things which you should do.

  • Identify and assess the risk from legionella

  • Devise a written scheme for preventing and controlling any risk that you have identified

  • Put in place a system for managing the legionella risk

  • Keep comprehensive records including legionella risk assessments, inspections and test results

  • Appoint a “competent person” who has enough authority within the company and knowledge about how the water system works to take the measures needed to control the risk. This role is sometimes referred to as the responsible person.


This applies whether you are an employee in an organisation, the owner or director of a business, in charge of managing facilities across several sites or a landlord in the rental sector. All have a legal duty to ensure that the risk of exposure to Legionella is properly assessed and controlled.

Does your organisation have water systems at their premises (or premises where they control the water system)?


Don’t Panic – Help is at Hand


ACS Risk are a leading legionella management service provider, here to help you understand your responsibilities and provide guidance on how to establish legally compliant legionella control measures that will help to protect your employees, tenants and others by offering expert solutions.

To contact us for more information click here or for training courses click here.

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