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Asbestos Non-Licensed Operative Course

Wed, 27 March 2024, 09:00

Welcome to ACS's Asbestos Non-Licensed Operative Course carefully designed for tradesmen across the UK.


This course provides an overview of asbestos materials, their properties and uses, and risks associated with disturbing them.


Empower yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate asbestos challenges confidently. Elevate your safety standards and secure your spot today.

 Comprehensive Asbestos Guidance

Why Asbestos Matters?

Asbestos, responsible for the highest number of work-related deaths in Great Britain, poses a severe threat. Approximately 5,000 individuals die annually to asbestos-related diseases, which can take decades to manifest and have no cure.


Understanding Asbestos

Asbestos is composed of invisible fibres that can be inhaled or rest on clothing. Although banned in 1999, asbestos lingers in older structures, exposing those unaware to potential risks.

Who needs this guidance?

Building owners, landlords, maintenance personnel, employers, surveyors, and more. Compliance involves identifying asbestos,

assessing risks, implementing controls, and providing adequate training. Dutyholders must safeguard individuals from exposure risks.

Types of Work That May Disturb Asbestos

Certain activities, such as drilling into walls, refurbishment, retrofitting, and demolition, increase the likelihood of encountering asbestos. Workers in specific trades, especially in buildings predating 2000, face higher exposure risks.

Workers' Safety Responsibilities

For those unlikely to disturb asbestos but work in asbestos-containing buildings, risks arise when fibres are released into the air. The duty to manage asbestos falls on those responsible for building safety. Asbestos in good condition and not likely to be damaged should be managed, while damaged asbestos must be safely removed.

Training and Information for Asbestos Work

Employers must ensure workers receive asbestos awareness training, even for self-employed individuals. This is  a legal requirement by Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Risk assessments, proper planning, and competent workers are crucial for non-licensed asbestos work, with licensed contractors handling higher-risk tasks.

About the Course

Who should attend?

Any persons carrying out Non-Licensed works with asbestos containing materials. This would normally include, but is not limited to:

  • Demolition workers

  • Construction workers

  • General maintenance staff

  • Electricians, plumbers, joiners, roofers, shop fitters, painters, plasterers, heating and ventilation engineers etc.

Duration and Tailored Training

Your safety is our priority and we understand that your journey to expertise requires flexibility. Our Asbestos Non-Licensed Operative Course is designed with your needs in mind. We provide flexible training arrangements and offer course times that suit your schedule, including weekends and evenings. Courses are crafted to accommodate your experience and prior training, with sessions ranging from a quick 3-4 hours for refreshers to an immersive 1 ½ days for initial training.


This course provides an overview of asbestos materials, their properties and uses, and risks associated with disturbing them. Asbestos “minor works” and “notifiable non-licensed works” are explained, together with how to carry out work safely and in legal compliance.
An important element of this course is the practical session carried out by delegates.


  • As per UKATA published syllabus and subject to Training Needs Analysis

  • Delegate numbers are limited to 10 people per course to maximise learning



To qualify for this course, delegates must hold a valid UKATA Asbestos Awareness (Cat A) certificate passed within the last 6 months. This is a requirement of UKATA. Your valid certificate must be provided ahead of the course to guarantee your place. If delegates do not have this, please check out our next available Asbestos Awareness training dates.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to invest in a safe working environment for yourself and and your team.

Due to popularity of the course, places are restricted. If you haven't registered yet, and would like to, please contact us at your earliest convenience for more details.

Keep in mind that if the current date doesn't align with your schedule, click the button below, and our team will gladly provide you with alternative dates to accommodate your needs.

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What our Delegates Say

"I enjoyed all elements of the course, especially legislation items. Although I do not come into contact with asbestos regularly, it is good to keep up with any changes that may happen when dealing with asbestos at work."

"Training, regulations and legislation, practical knowledge and overall good understanding dealing with asbestos."

"We have always found ACS to be professional, and accommodating and always available for expert advice."

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