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Asbestos Workers
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Your Trusted Partners for
Ensuring Safety

Over 50 years of  combined expertise.

ACS and RPE2FIT Partnership: Enhancing Safety and Wellbeing

About ACS

Established in 1978, ACS is one of the first commercial asbestos consultancies in the UK, dedicated to providing excellence and innovation in health, safety, and wellbeing. With a proactive ethos, ACS aims not only to mitigate harm but to prevent it, passionately offering pragmatic solutions to make your world safer and better.









Our Expertise

  • Asbestos Project Management

  • Asbestos Contaminated Land

  • Asbestos Surveys

  • Asbestos Policy, Consultancy and Advice

  • Asbestos Remediation Project Management

  • Asbestos Materials and Air Testing

  • UKATA Approved Asbestos Training Courses

  • Health & Safety Training Courses

  • Wellbeing Training Courses


Beyond asbestos dust, ACS specialises in measuring and advising on various construction-related dusts, including silica, wood, and lead. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you – just ask.

Find out more about all ACS services here.

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Founded in 2015, RPE2FIT is a family-run business dedicated to providing top-quality Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) solutions across the UK, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. Our mission is to combat occupational cancer statistics by delivering the best possible service, ensuring your safety and security.









Our Services

  • Quantitative Face Fit Testing

  • Qualitative Face Fit Testing

  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Awareness RPE Training

  • Basic RPE Training (Recommended before Face Fit Testing Session)

  • RPE Maintenance Competence Person Training

  • Corporate & Bespoke Training Videos

  • Guidance in Selection

  • Disposable, Half Mask, Full Face Respirator Supply

  • Powered Air Supply

  • Qualitative Kits

  • Quantitative Kits

  • Live Record Management

  • Policy Writing


Face Fit Testing is crucial when using tight-fitting RPE, as an inadequate seal can expose wearers to health risks. Trust RPE2FIT to safeguard your wellbeing through meticulous Face Fit Testing.

Find out more about RPE2FIT here.


Why Choose ACS and RPE2FIT?

In November 2023, ACS and RPE2FIT joined forces and started this collaborative journey, combining their extensive expertise to offer comprehensive safety solutions. This partnership is built on a shared commitment to Health, Safety, and Wellbeing, providing our clients with the best training, consultancy, and equipment. By choosing ACS and RPE2FIT, you're not just investing in services; you're investing in a safer future. Together, we are dedicated to making workplaces secure, environments safe, and lives better.

Key Benefits

Emma in enclosure Tata Steel Site

Unmatched Expertise: Over 50 years of combined experience in asbestos consultancy and RPE solutions.
Comprehensive Training: A wide range of courses designed to meet the highest standards of safety and wellbeing.
Quality Equipment: Access to top-tier RPE supplies and meticulous face fit testing services.
Proactive Solutions: Focused on preventing harm and ensuring a safer future for all.



Join Our Mission

Join us in our mission to enhance safety and wellbeing across industries. Together, we prioritise quality and strive to create a world where Health and Safety are paramount.

For more information about our services and partnership, please contact us.

What Our Clients Say

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Contact Us


Unit 14 Claremont Centre Durham

Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom

G41 1BS


0141 427 5171

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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94, Hope Street,  

Glasgow, United Kingdom

G2 6PH 



Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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